Mr. Charles McGinnis (Sir) 6th Dan – is the Chief Instructor and owner of Albuquerque Taekwon Do schools.  Sir was born and reared in New Mexico.  He has been serving the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho areas for over 25 years.  HIs daughter Charlene is a black belt and his son John is a martial artist as well.   Mr. McGinnis earned his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of New Mexico.    Mr. McGinnis had the opportunity to train with the founder of Taekwon Do, General Choi Hong Hi in February 1994 and in March of 1999, and April 2001.  One year prior to General Choi’s death in 2002.  In addition to instructing and running Albuquerque Taekwon Do, Mr. McGinnis has a veterans sober living home, called House of Friends – Patricia Anderson Memorial.  Sir enjoys spending his time off with his children and granddaughter Avi.



Mr. Fred Giombilini 7th Dan –  Master Instructor for  6 a.m. class at the East Side location.


img_0992Ms. Sally 4th Dan – Instructor at the West Side location.



Ms. Shannon – 4th Dan – Instructor at the East Side location.  Ms. Shannon is originally from Denver, Colorado.   She has two sisters and three brothers, all younger than her and of course, a wonderful mother and father!  She is currently studying at CNM and is interested in getting into a Geology/Astronomy related career.  She first started Taekwon Do at the age of 8. Her mother and brother urged her to take up a martial art, and Mr. McGinnis’ Dojang was in the area.  She moved and went to another Dojang elsewhere, but disliked this new Dojang she and her brother quit.   Several years later, at the age of 16, she decided to get back into martial arts. Ms. Shannon remembered Mr. McGinnis and that she enjoyed his teaching, and so she went back to Albuquerque Taekwon Do. She is staying for good this time, and going on her 11th year since rejoining.  Ms. Shannon loves reading and writing, and addicted to playing writing-based adventure games with her friends.  She enjoys nearly all outdoor activities–jogging, biking, hiking, camping, caving, hunting, fishing, and so on.

Mr. Carlos – 3rd Dan – Instructor Tournament training.  See Sir for more information.



Ms. Debbie  3rd Dan – Instructor at the West Side studio.  “My interest in TaeKwon-Do began from listening to my husband’s fond childhood memories about Martial Arts. My husband, being of Korean and American descent, spent a good part of his childhood in Seoul, Korea around Dojos of many different Martial Arts disciplines.  These stories were the beginning of our two son’s journey in TaeKwon Do, eventually competing in the U.S. and internationally. It was an exciting and humbling experience, especially to watch them earn their Black Belts.  Because of these experiences, I made a personal decision to discipline myself to reach a higher level of personal achievement through TaeKwon Do. My journey has taken me into competing and training in U.S. and international events. My pinnacle was in 2016 when I was granted my 2nd Dan. I am still reaching higher by training for my 3rd Dan.  As an instructor of all age groups, I love watching students grow their self-image and self-esteem by achieving their goals.”


Ms. Michelle –  3rd Dan – Instructor at the East Side location.   Ms. Michelle is a native  Albuquerquean.  She earned her Master’s Degree in School and Community Health and is a retired educator.   In the past she has also served in the NM Air National Guard and Reserves. Ms. Michelle’s daughter Shelby is also a  black belt with Albuquerque Taekwon Do. She feels quite honored to be involved in Taekwon Do and continues to challenge herself mentally and physically. In addition to Taekwon Do, Michelle also enjoys bicycling, volunteering through her church.


Mr. Scott Cannon -1st Dan – 




Ms. Char – 1st Dan with Assistant Ms. Avi –  Ms. Char (Sir’s daughter) has over 10 years in teaching experience, specializing in pre school aged children. The preschool program is especially designed to support and strengthen the developmental motor milestones for children between 3 and 5 years old.